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Video Lectures

A lot of the lectures that I do end up on YouTube. I'd like to make it clear that unless I post a video on my own YouTube/Vimeo channels, which are inactive at the moment, I did not have responsibility for the editing or hosting of the videos. These videos have been recorded over many years, and as you can imagine, things do change in that time, so please do bear that in mind.

This website is where things are regularly updated, and it's not really possible to keep all of the information in the videos perfectly up to date, so please do use the website as the primary source of reference.

Here are a selection of the lectures that I think are the most beneficial and important. More will be added when I have time to review them, in shaa' Allāh. I've removed some because they are very old, and more comprehensive videos have been recorded later.

Short videos for ruqyah patients:

  • Al-Qur'an: The Ultimate Cure
  • Du'a: The Weapon of the Believer - Please note that this is in no way an endorsement of Yasir Qadhi and his deviant beliefs. It was recorded a long time ago, and I still say that the book is a fantastic book, and the intention is to benefit from material that is not available from other books in English.

The first ruqyah workshop with Abu Ibraheem. There are some audio problems in the last 10 minutes of part seven (the same info is present in the Qur'an lecture at the top of the page), and it still needs some editing. Please see this for a clarification on what to say to prevent the evil eye:

The latest ruqyah workshop from Dubai, with new material. This is from a live stream, so may have some audio/video issues, and it hasn't been edited:

In the future, the idea is to host corrected and edited videos on a dedicated YouTube channel. For now, I post any major issues here.